Biancavilla, the family members are against their engagement and a big fight breaks out

The carabinieri of the Biancavilla station reported 10 people in a state of freedom, who in competition with each other, were responsible for the crimes of aggravated brawl, personal injury, serious threats and damage in competition.

Under the circumstance, the soldiers of the Arma managed both to reconstruct the phases also through the vision of the images recorded by the video surveillance systems, and to identify the participants in the violent and prolonged quarrel, which took place in the very central Piazza Roma in the municipality of Biancavilla. The spark that made the contenders’ hearts explode would have been the umpteenth public outing of a young engaged couple, an 18-year-old of Albanian origins and a 21-year-old of Moroccan origins. In fact, for some months now, this sentimental relationship would have been openly opposed by the girl’s family (who did not want a boy of Moroccan origins for her) who, on every useful occasion, would have heavily insulted the two young men.

In particular, on the evening of the events, around 9.30 pm, while the two engaged couples were going out to dinner together with her sister, as they passed through Piazza Roma, they came across some relatives of the 18-year-old, a distant “uncle” of 47 years old and his respective 43-year-old wife, in turn accompanied by a couple of friends, who would have immediately started insulting them. At that point the girl, in an attempt to appease her spirits, would have approached her family members to ask them to stop, being beaten in response, with hair pulled and slapped by the woman. Same fate for the young Moroccan, who however after being slapped by his uncle, to try to defend himself, would have picked up a cast iron bollard in the street, starting to swing it in the direction of the man, without however hitting him.

During the scuffle, other family members of the uncle and his wife would have appeared out of nowhere, including a 32-year-old, who in a threatening attitude would have pulled a knife from his pocket and a 37-year-old, who instead would have started throwing at the young couple of beer bottles.

However, the reinforcements did not stop, as further Albanian relatives rushed to the scene, a 67-year-old father of his 43-year-old acquired aunt and his 23-year-old son who allegedly threw themselves into the ongoing brawl by “distributing” kicks and punches. However, the unfortunate victims would have fortunately managed to escape from the aggression, the sisters taking refuge in their home and the boyfriend by losing track of himself.

Some attackers (the 32-year-old, the 37-year-old and the 23-year-old), thinking of finding the young Moroccan, would have gone to the girls’ apartment in via Vittorio Emanuele anyway, breaking into the house after damaging the front door. Here their fury would have been vented both on the girl’s father, violently pushed, and on the furniture and furnishings, damaged and ransacked.

The victims would still have managed to drive the three attackers back into the street, who, not satisfied with their deeds, would have once again set out in search of the Moroccan boyfriend. However, the danger would not have escaped yet, since in the meantime the uncle and his wife would also have arrived at the accommodation in via Vittorio Emanuele, this time attacking with kicks, punches and slaps not only the young Albanian, but also her mother .

The carabinieri, who intervened in the midst of the animosity of the “contenders”, therefore put an end to the scuffles amidst the threats and insults of the “uncles” in Albanian, while at the sight of the military, the 67-year-old, the 37-year-old, the 32-year-old and the 23-year-old they hurried away. The medical “balance” of the brawl showed, for the victims, injuries that could be healed between 4 and 8 days, while the “uncles” who triggered the brawl reported injuries with an 8-day prognosis.

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