Biagio Conte, the silhouette of Father Puglisi on the mountain: the suggestion and the story of the sculptor friend

From the olive grove of the Mission hope and charity in via Decollati, where Biagio Conte in the summer it gathers in prayer with brothers and other faithful, you can see the mountain overlooking the Brancaccio district.
Its shape is truly particular: looking at it carefully, it seems to see a human profile.

The attentive eye of the sculptor Rosario Volloan artist who has created many monuments in Sicily, some of which are located within the Mission of Biagio Conte, sees the face of the blessed in that mountain Pino Puglisi: “Some time ago we were in the garden with Biagio and after reciting the rosary I pointed out that mountain to him, telling him about my vision. He was very impressed because he had had it under his eyes for years but he had never noticed this thing. Also he saw an elderly man lying down. That mountain – says the sculptor – inspired many of my choices, such as that of getting married. And now, in this moment of prayer and hope for brother Biagio, it takes on a very particular meaning, seen among other things which is right in front of the window where he is resting these days”.

Among the many works by Vullo is also a sculpture depicting Don Pino Puglisi, killed thirty years ago at the hands of the mafia. A statue more than three meters tall which for many years was exhibited inside the Mission in via Decollati and which was blessed by the Pope during his last visit to Palermo.

However, the plaster work, left outdoors, was deteriorating and was temporarily returned to the artist’s workshop: “To prevent bad weather from wearing it down – explains Rosario Vullo – it would be necessary to carry out the simple translation into bronze with the in lost wax, but someone would be needed who could finance the operation which has a not insignificant cost.A statue, very dear to brother Biagio, which could easily return to via Decollati, perhaps right next to that vegetable garden, in front of that marvelous and mysterious mountain that is so reminiscent of Don Pino”.

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