Biagio Conte, the battle and the hope waiting for the therapies

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The miracle happening around a hospital bed.


Those next week, starting from Monday, will be central days for Brother Biagio and for those who are following his story with affection and apprehension.
The complex, laborious and accurate clinical examinations will indicate how to proceed and whether the chemotherapy for colon cancer that the lay missionary himself revealed to have can be organized immediately.
This is the summary of the news that leaked from those who, a travel companion of a hope, are next to the man who carries her in his heart, while facing the most difficult battle of him.

And that the battle is difficult is clear, now, to the travelers who made that journey alongside Biagio Conte and beyond.
The doctors who treat him, with the staff, represent the excellence of Sicilian healthcare, for competence and self-denial.
They themselves – it is said – are deeply affected by what is happening.

They know the suffering of human beings, these generous soldiers with the smock.
They know the inevitability of pain which, in their perception, has never turned into the cynicism of habit.
But we all, for better or for worse, have learned to control emotions.
With Brother Biagio it is less easy to hide, because the blue of his eyes questions the profound meaning of each one, watching over and blessing.

So, in the vicinity of that hospital bed, once again, the very human miracle of a special sharing and of an experience destined to mark those who are doing it is taking place, forever.
After all, Biagio Conte is one who has inevitably offered a solid side to the good and the miracles that arise from it.
He was a bourgeois boy like many others, with his flaming sixteenth century, when he began to break the bread of his existence with the poor.
And he decided that the last ones would be his family.

Over the years, with the perseverance of love, Palermo has become the family of a man, of his soul, of his clear eyes.
Palermo saw a boy grow up and become the one who, day after day, protected her in the coldest nights.
And now, Palermo, is waiting for him, waiting for that boy, with a white beard, to hug him again.
(Roberto Puglisi)

News from Sicily 2022-07-01 20:02:00

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