Biagio Conte missions, Russian and Ukrainian flag for peace

The Mission of Hope and Charity prays for peace between Ukraine and Russia. Signs have been placed in the entrances of the four missions based in Palermo, depicting the flags of Ukraine and Russia with a dove of peace and bearing the phrase (in Italian, in Ukrainian, in Russian) “ The good Lord there invites to build Peace ”.

“Biagio Conte – let the volunteers of the centers know – today is the fifth cycle of chemotherapy in day hospital. We remember that Brother Biagio is the founder of the Mission of Hope and Charity of Palermo and welcomes about 600 people in difficulty free of charge and providence. had been diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite the very difficult period, Brother Biagio prays, for each one of us and for the whole world “. The lay friar sends a message of peace.

“Peace must first be built in one’s heart, in one’s city, in one’s neighborhood, in one’s family and with all peoples – says Biagi Conte – Dear citizens of the whole world and of all peoples, it is precious and very urgent to make a ‘careful and profound reflection: we want and desire Peace between Russia and Ukraine But be careful – he adds – we ask and demand Peace as soon as possible, but we should first be at Peace with ourselves, with our near and far.

We must reflect and understand that the war is not only between Ukraine and Russia, but for years all peoples have been in conflict in every city, town, house and family and in every institution, between political and even religious authorities. We must reflect and understand that if we desire Peace – he comments – first we must desire it and build it in our hearts and in the territory and nation to which we belong and then yes, Peace will come, in Russia and in Ukraine and in the whole world “.


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