Biagio Conte mission, 180 dental services performed

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 10 – 180 free dental treatments were performed for guests of Biagio Conte’s mission of hope and charity. The data emerged during the conference “Emergency Dentistry” which is taking place in the structure in via Archirafi in which the balance sheet of the Solidarity Dentistry study hope and charity was presented. Conservative treatments (fillings) were the vast majority approximately 60%; teeth cleaning followed by oral hygiene education approximately 30% and root canal therapies (devitalization of the teeth) approximately 10%. An oral screening will be activated next January thanks to the collaboration of the Rotary club Palermo Montepellegrino to drastically reduce avulsions (extractions), which while on the one hand give relief to symptomatic patients, on the other hand cause serious edentulism (lack of teeth).

“Thanks to the collaboration of various dental laboratories – explain the volunteer dentists of the Mission – we have also created removable prostheses, which have restored the masticatory function and we expect that this will become an increasingly frequent possibility in consideration of the discomfort experienced by these brothers and sisters guests of the Mission .

Thanks to the collaboration with the Merendino dental technician school in Capo d’Orlando through the “Service learning” project, we will be able to give more answers to the numerous requests we receive.” (ANSA).