Biagio Conte is hospitalized in Palermo, reserved about his condition

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The lay missionary Biagio Conte is hospitalized in Palermo.
On his condition, which would be serious but not worrying, there is the strictest reserve.

In the last few hours, even on social media, a certain alarmism had spread about the state of health of Brother Biagio but fortunately his body, also weakened by prolonged fasting, is weak but strong.

Biagio Conte, now 58, is the founder of Hope and Charity Mission, born in 1991 with the aim of helping the “last”.
The mission, born under the arcades of the Central Station of Palermo, operates in nine communities, intended for the reception of men and women or mothers with children.

The structures are located in the capital and in the province.
The beating heart is that of via Archirafi, the first structure, then the others of via Garibaldi (“Female Hospitality”) and via Decollati (“The Citadel of the Poor and Hope”) were joined.

Over the years, the work of Biagio and his many collaborators has become a point of reference in the city.
His “battles” have manifested over time with protests that have led to long periods of abstinence from food.
Last July, almost a year ago, he retired to a cave in the province of Palermo to pray against all injustices.
Until February 7, he only supported him with bread and water, and then he had continued feeding only on water and the Eucharist.
In the month of March, after about eight minutes of semi-fasting and a lot of prayer, his body was no longer able to continue his penance.
Very weak, at the end of his strength, he had been very ill and thus interrupted his long penance.

He had left the cave where he had retired and was accompanied nearby to a room in a small shrine dedicated to Our Lady in the province, where he was monitored by doctors day and night before returning to the mission.


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