Beppe Tisci at Casa Minutella

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“A sail without excluded”, is the project of the Palermo section of the Italian Naval League.
From the 1st to the 3rd of April, sailing in Palermo is a sport for everyone.
It is a sporting event that allows disabled children to participate in regattas.
At Casa Minutella, Beppe Tisci (president of the Naval League in Palermo) told the story of this project of inclusion and integration, now in its eighth edition.

A Vela without excluded, we are in the eighth edition

It is a project that comes from afar, and is the story of a concrete project of social inclusion.
“For years we have been dealing with sport and sailing, with integration and inclusion – explains Tisci – and before we used boats built in Palermo, also with the contribution of the boys of the Malaspina juvenile prison.
Thanks to a series of projects, we have been able to equip no less than seven Azzurra 600 class boats.
Since 2017, however, we have adopted Hansa 303 class boats, they are particularly suitable for Paralympic activities “.

“Thanks to the use of these boats – there are five thousand of them all over the world – we have managed to enter an international circuit.
In fact, last year, we organized the Paralympic championship in October right here in Palermo.
It was a great success: more than 185 teams participated, a number greater than that obtained by the Paralympics.
The world championships were organized together with the region and the municipality of Palermo ”.

Tisci “Palermo is at the forefront of sport for inclusion and integration”

Now is the time for these three days of racing.
“They came from all over Italy”, says Giuseppe Tisci, who underlines the importance of the event “A Sail Without Exclusions”.
“It is an event that demonstrates that Palermo is at the forefront of the use of sport for inclusion and integration – underlines Tisci – in spite of the scarcity of resources available in the area, Lni is always at the forefront of spreading the values ​​of sport supported by its volunteer members.
Local associations will be invited in order to show champion sailors who have exceeded their limits and who are an example for others who think that… ‘It can’t be done’ “.

l program

The regattas will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at the end the winner of Una Vela Senza Excluded will be declared.
The Panathlon Gabriella Caldarella Trophy and the Pietro Caricato Lni Trophy will also be awarded.
On Saturday evening a fundraising dinner was organized for the wives of Ukraine who arrived in the city in need of practically everything.
The Lni of Palermo undertakes to commit the funds raised for specific projects such as the purchase of PCs for the online lessons of the children, the purchase of clothes, books while it has already given willingness to make children play sailing in an absolutely free way to grant moments of serenity with new Italian friends.

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