Belmonte Mezzagno, marijuana dealer: three young people arrested

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:00

Share Three drug arrests in Belmonte Mezzagno. The carabinieri carried out an order of the investigating judge against three young people, aged between 24 and 33, now under house arrest on charges of possession and sale of drugs. During the investigations that led to the Artemide blitz, the soldiers of the Misilmeri company arrested two people in the act and seized 3 kilos of marijuana. The measurement was performed in the night between Sunday and Monday. Your browser cannot play the video. You must deactivate ad-block to play the video. Mute sound Mute sound Mute sound Activate sound Spot Enable full screen Disable full screen The video cannot be played – please try again later. Wait just a moment … Maybe it might interest you … The operation allowed the investigators, coordinated by the Termini Imerese Public Prosecutor’s Office, to “trace the alleged perpetrators of a thriving drug dealing business in the municipality in the province of Palermo. The investigation, launched in November 2020, ended in January 2021. Through shadowing and observation services, the investigators were able to document numerous episodes of drug dealing against young people in the country. “The pushers – reconstructed from the Command – carried out the illicit activity using an uninhabited building in Belmonte as a deposit for the concealment of the drug. During the investigations, the Arma soldiers made various findings. The identification of dozens of users of the drug purchased by the group led to their reporting to the Prefecture of Palermo “.

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