Bell tolls for Giorgio Napolitano on beloved Stromboli

The Aeolian Islands mourn Giorgio Napolitano, the president who was a lover of Stromboli. Don Gino Greco rang the mourning bells in the Church of San Vincenzo upon hearing the news. Napolitano discovered the Aeolian Islands when he arrived in Lipari as a trade unionist. Upon seeing the smoking Stromboli, he fell in love at first sight. Since then, Stromboli became a precious vacation spot for him and his wife, Clio. Today, Stromboli is erupting more than usual. Napolitano will spend his holidays in another paradise. Many remember Napolitano’s attention and love towards the region, while others recall the nighttime disagreements between Napolitano and Dolce and Gabbana, as their villas were in close proximity.

Rintocchi di campana per Giorgio Napolitano nell’amata Stromboli

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