Beats and burns with cigarettes 4-year-old boy, mother under investigation

The mother of a 4-year-old boy and her partner are being investigated by the Agrigento prosecutor’s office for ill-treatment and injury to the little boy who was allegedly hit with a blunt object. The boy arrived at a hospital in Catania with serious injuries to the fingers, toes and testicles and with burns presumably caused by cigarettes. The two adults received a notice of conclusion of the preliminary investigations signed by the adjunct Salvatore Vella.
The provision was notified by the section of the Mobile Squad of the Agrigento Police Headquarters, which deals with crimes against the person and against minors, which investigated the case.
The investigation was launched after a report from the medical staff of the Garibaldi Nesima hospital in Catania, where the child had been transferred and hospitalized urgently due to the serious conditions he was in. The investigations of the mobile team, directed by Giovanni Minardi, were supported by technical environmental and telephone interception activities and, according to the indictment, “allowed to reveal serious indications of guilt” against the two suspects