Beatrice Quinta mocked at the photo finish: the French Saints win on X Factor, the Palermitan is second

The Palermo singer Beatrice Quinta (Beatrice Visconti at the registry office) came close to winning the 2022 edition of X Factor, the popular Sky talent show. The French Saints won. Third Linda, fourth place for Tropea. In any case, the silver medal for Beatrice Queen-ta, the queen, as everyone calls her in the programme, remains a great success, starting with the presenter Francesca Michelin. «The only true pop star of this edition of X Factor», is the most beautiful compliment for her and comes from Fedez.

It is therefore the French Saints who win the sixteenth edition of X Factor. In the sea of ​​confetti that invaded the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, a few minutes before one o’clock, Alessandro De Santis and Mario Francese lifted the coveted trophy.

From the beginning of the evening, the wait for the outcome of the X Factor 2022 final was almost uncontainable, when Meduza appeared to the more than seven thousand spectators of the Forum: dark glasses and sparkling sequined overalls, it is the Italian house group that opens the scene about the final date of the talent show with the latest single Bad memories. And it is already clear that the promise of the landlady Francesca Michielin is kept: «It will be a party». Between fireworks and open flames, on the medley Lose control – Paradise – Tell it to my heart the four judges Fedez, Dargen D’Amico, Ambra Angiolini and Rkomi enter, in the general acclaim. There is a surprise: no one eliminated at the end of the various heats, but all the finalists are on stage until the end of the evening.

The die is cast, it starts with the duets between the competitors and Francesca Michielin, who disappears and reappears next to the «mythical four». The first is that of Beatrice Quinta, almost a match between the two, stroke by stroke, the verses of Sour of Prozac+. The first verses of a very romantic follow California of the French Saints, sung a capella due to a technical problem with the piano, while the audience disappears behind thousands of lit torches. It’s rock version of Someone to love (Jefferson Airplane) by Tropea, explosive and very rhythmic; from the drum hits it finally slows down for the bittersweet Take me to church (Hozier) by Linda.

It is the nineteen-year-old Linda, «the tiger of this edition» as her judge Fedez describes her, who kicks off the second round: her «Best of» opens with Coralinewhich earned him the thanks of Damiano dei Maneskin, and continues with Waves by Dean Lewis«the most beautiful exhibition», she says herself, and Still don’t know my name of the Labyrinths. A performance that conquers the emotion of Fedez. The Tropeas promise «the most total delirium» and so it is: da moon dei Verdena, a I’m fine with you by Lucio Battisti, up to Asylum Republic of Vasco, the frontman Pietro ends up bare-chested in the arms of the public: “I’ve lost my false eyelashes,” comments Ambra.

Attack on the unmistakable notes of Ukulele the «Best of» of the French Saints which consists of A street kid of ravens, I love you by Ornella Vanoni, e Creeps by Radiohead, and the first bra for the “most sensual duo of X Factor” flies. Queen Beatrice Quinta closes the circle: she appears in shocking pink feathers to sing Believe by Cher, ending in aggressive leather boots on All my mistakes by Subsonica, and ends in lemon-yellow fur on the notes of Pink flowers, peach blossoms by Battisti.

Roar of the crowd for the special guests sold out in the stadiums of Rome and Milan: the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, fresh from the release of the new album fake newsgive the seven thousand the iconic ones Young Wanna Be And Memories. During the long evening, the performances of the four judges alternate with the preview performance of the new single by Fedez Crisi di Stato, out at midnight. All in one go scroll through the unpublished works of the four finalists, one step away from the verdict: Flowers on the balconies by Linda, Se$$o by Beatrice, Non è tanto male by Santi, Cringe Inferno by Tropea. «Simply grateful» said the winners, «to this program and to all the people who listened to us. We managed to talk about ourselves without having changed». And they greeted the fan: “See you in the live shows”. The debut stage of the duo’s first tour will be in Turin on January 18th.

Fedez finds the time to tell of «having smoked a joint with Tropea» that the stage is filled with confetti for the winners and for all the finalists. X Factor 2022 is already saying goodbye, when Francesca announces: “Tonight the X Factor 2023 castings will reopen”. The wheel keeps turning.

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