BCsicily. “30 Books in 30 Days”, presents the volume by Davide Panzarella “A particular autumn”

No.as part of the “30 Books in 30 Days” initiative will be held Wednesday 7 April 2021 at 5.30 pm, organized by BCsicilia in collaboration with Biplane Edizioni, the presentation of the volume by Davide Panzarella “A particular autumn”. After the introduction by Alfonso Lo Cascio, Regional President of BCsicilia, and greetings from Sofia Muscarella, President of BCsicilia Headquarters of Sciara, the speech of Riccardo Siragusa, Professor of Literature, is expected. The Author will be present. The meeting will be held on the Google Meet Platform. Link to participate in the meeting: https://meet.google.com/dic-hfzr-owk
For information: Email: segreteria@bcsicilia.it – ​​Tel. 346.8241076 Fb: BCsicilia – Tw: BCsicilia.
An unsolved mystery and the story begins. Marco, a young Sicilian boy, together with his brother Mattia starts off looking for a cartoonist from the 1980s, who has disappeared into thin air. A very talented artist who stands out in such a small and old-fashioned village as the one they live in, Castelfiume. Intense discussions in the family, problems at school accompany them throughout the research on the mysterious artist. Among alleys that exude ancient stories, country voices that speak a language that takes you back in time, the two brothers – between one adolescent problem and another – begin to meet “characters” of the country and to investigate to untie that knot. Who is Francesca Rivaldo? What happened that led her to suddenly disappear, leaving no trace of herself? Why has the whole country “forgotten” this whole story? The questions follow one another in a relentless bustle of characters, excavations in the memory and a Pandora’s box to uncover. But there is a person who can help them.
Truth, mystery, art, family, books, discoveries, roots, conflicts, scooter rides, comics, making mistakes to understand and understand each other, difficult questions, secrets, darkness, Pandora’s box, acceptance.

Marco is strong and delicate at the same time. He is a teenager apparently the same as everyone else, but a passion distinguishes him from his peers: he loves reading. Interest that will lead him not only to get involved personally and to discover himself more deeply, but also to unleash a series of events that will put him face to face in front of nodes that concern him closely. Starting with the disappearance of the mysterious cartoonist of the 80s. Marco loves natural landscapes, knows how to see the secret soul of his country and is endowed with a great sensitivity that he often hides under a tough and “grown-up” peel. The family and personal “tests” that he will have to face will teach him that reality is not only made of black and white, but of infinite shades. And that often the truth dwells right there. Will his naivety, mixed with a strong will and stubbornness, lead him on the right track? People, interweaving of lives and clues scattered here and there will help to give him a hand. And the apparent family and social order begins to falter.

Davide Panzarella lives in Montemaggiore Belsito, in the province of Palermo. Born on the fifty-third day of 2000, he soon discovers the wonderful world of books. He has practically always thought that reading is one of the greatest pleasures of human existence and that a good novel should “engulf” the reader, teleport him into a parallel reality. For him, writing is observing reality with charm and lucidity, necessary requisites to find, under the dust and superficiality of everyday life, stories capable of stimulating interest and curiosity. “A particular autumn” is his debut novel.

06 April 2021 | 09:34

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