Bathing season, Niesi (SIB) same beach, same evils

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Pending the reform of the Maritime Property, and hoping that the 2023 bathing season will not be the last for the Agrigento coasts, Arch.
Gero Niesi provincial delegate of the SIB, the Italian Balneari Syndicate, member of Confcommercio Agrigento takes stock of the situation, which also wants to be an appeal, too, to local institutions.

“The bathing season has officially started a few weeks ago.
But decrees and ordinances were not needed to sanction the assault on the beaches.
The heat of the last few weeks and the influx recorded on weekends have launched the whole coast of Agrigento in full summer weather and with a fair margin of advance, which certainly did not find the seaside entrepreneurs unprepared, but it seems to have surprised the municipal administrations.
A summer season which is therefore fully in full swing, but somewhat problematic, for a sector such as that of bathing establishments.
The challenge to be overcome, as every year, is to bring our coasts to the center of the tourist panorama, says Niesi.
But this year this challenge is made even more difficult due to the accumulation of old and new problems that grip the sector: the uncertainty for the near future of state-owned concessions, the increase in the costs of electricity, raw materials and consumer products, the difficulty in finding seasonal workers and, as if that weren’t enough, the lack of planning for cleaning the beaches and adjacent areas.
the whole coast of Agrigento, but the cost increases and uncertainties undermine the serenity of every single entrepreneur.
of each service.
In this sense, a civil collaboration between everyone is necessary to encourage compliance with the rules and rights.
of people and must always be done in the interest of the community.
We must believe in safety and prevention, as well as giving everyone the same opportunity to use the services on the beach.
And if we want the proximity of the institutions, we must ourselves be the first to actively collaborate.
Just as the wet ones are asked to go to the beach always trying to find the right balance between respect for the rules and common sense, continues the secretary Sib, so that we can favor the peaceful development of the bathing season.
Once again, the Municipalities are asked to prepare and adopt the use of state-owned maritime areas, that is the municipal planning document that regulates the methods of use of the state-owned coastal strip and the marine coast, in accordance with the principles defined by the European Union and the current state and regional legislation of the sector.
It is a more than heartfelt appeal, since it is a subject that, due to its delicacy, can no longer be postponed, without ifs and buts.
It is unacceptable that even today, many municipalities in Agrigento continue to default on the beach plans, without which, in a few months, a situation of total stalemate could arise for an entire sector, with all that can ensue for businesses.
of the sector.
Businesses that, we recall, are often family-run, as well as being the only source of income.
With reference to the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of the coasts of the province of Agrigento, it is necessary to draw the attention of all those who are responsible for it and at the same time to urge it to be carried out.
The dealers are already taking care of the cleaning of their own area and the immediate surroundings.
This cannot exempt municipal administrations from carrying out general interventions on all beaches.
Only in this way can a sense of order and decorum be given which reinforces the commitment of the seaside resorts and encourages them to do better and better, with a view to fruitful synergy with the public administration.
, with a meticulous daily planning of cleaning the beaches and neighboring areas, it is certainly a gradual work, which requires time and dedication, and it is not necessary to ask for patience from the citizens but it is necessary to solve every single critical issue in due time, as well as the economic stability of the activities productive, it is worth the use of the beaches and coasts by citizens and tourists, it is due to the whole community that we have the honor of representing.
With reference to the dictates of the decree that will regulate state-owned concessions and which passed in the Senate on 30 May last, the SIB – Confcommercio of Agrigento has already organized itself in order to accompany the bathing beaches, our associates, in a path that will see an active part and ready to face and win future public evidence and regain its concession, defending it in the wake of current legislation and therefore, remaining on acquired merit.
We are sure that the most virtuous and aware seaside entrepreneurs are already gearing up as this deadline approaches.
But at the same time, the absurd hypothesis that thousands of entrepreneurs could risk not only losing the company in which they invested their finances and energy, but even not being awarded even adequate compensation, is an aspect that deserves the right attention and focus on adequate and real qualitative and quantitative compensation.
But in the meantime we have to move forward and not be caught unprepared, on all points of view, ”concluded Niesi.

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