Basketball A2: fever rises in the Fortitudo Agrigento home


Fortitudo Agrigento on Wednesday 15 January will face Trapani. The game is valid for the 18th day of the Serie A2 championship, West. The derby will be played at the PalaConad in Trapani, ball at 2 at 9 pm.

Coach Devis Cagnardi and Lorenzo Ambrosin presented the race.

Devis Cagnardi: “We arrive at the Trapani derby with the awareness of having to express ourselves in the best way in order to be competitive against a team on the rise and technically driven very well. The game won against Treviglio confirmed the goodness of the work done but also some shortcomings that we want and we must eliminate from our game. The derby is a beautiful game to play and we will do everything to make our fans proud of us. "

Lorenzo Ambrosin: "The atmosphere that gives a derby is special. They are games where obviously you have to give something more to win. To be able to face a challenge after three days, new energy is needed. Trapani is a tough opponent, we know him well enough. Against them we lost in our house. We want to redeem ourselves and to do it we need the best Fortitudo Agrigento. We built our best victories thanks to a solid defense that gave but strong to the attack, we have to start from there. We need clarity from the first to the last minute, against Trapani we must not lose the rhythm, it is a team that makes you pay dearly for everything. Especially the drops in concentration. I am loaded and well, I want to give my fans a derby. "

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