Barn with 400 bales burned in Santa Margherita Belice: Fire took 6 hours to extinguish

A fire destroyed a shepherd’s barn in the district of Gulfa, Santa Margherita Belice. The 32-year-old owner’s thousand-square-meter shed was completely charred. Inside the structure were 400 bales of hay that were destroyed. Passersby were worried about the high flames and acrid smell and sounded the alarm. Firefighters, local police, and military personnel all responded to the scene and spent about six hours extinguishing the fire. Investigators are searching for clues to determine the cause of the fire, and the prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation. The shepherd has also been questioned.

Santa Margherita Belice, bruciato un fienile con 400 balle: 6 ore per spegnere il rogo

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