Barcelona prison, mobile phone found

Editorial team 04 September 2021 17:38

“Brilliant operation of the Judicial Police of the Penitentiary Police inside the Prison District of Barcellona P.ozzo di Gotto which allowed the discovery of a smartphone.”: To declare it is the Osapp Regional Secretary Davide Scaduto who enhances the operational capabilities of the Penitentiary Police Barcelona who, albeit reduced to a minimum, after careful investigations allowed the discovery of a smartphone inside the Longano penitentiary. the end of the discovery of the mobile phone, whose fraudulent possession in the penitentiary has become a criminally relevant conduct, this, concludes the Osapp trade unionist, is the proof that even if reduced to a minimum the Penitentiary Police inside and outside the ” patrie galere “is a guarantee for the respect of legality and this albeit in many realities, and in a way particular in Barcelona is chronically and drastically understaffed “

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