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  • Wellness area does not explain the persistence of the red zone in Palermo
  • “From the first phase of the emergency, all the necessary guarantees are offered”
  • A profound malaise that is not only of the category

The initiatives of hairdressers, barbers, beauticians is holders of Palermo wellness centers for ask for safe reopening wondering why the red zone is persistent. Representatives of wellness area of Confesesercenti they wrote an open letter to the institutions, specifically to presidents of the Region andArs as well as al mayor is prefect of the city.

It is read: “Let us operate legally, do not force us to work, out of necessity as squatters after we have always fought against all forms of illegal”.

The letter signed by Nunzio Reina, regional president, Tony Oneto, president Palermo e Cosimo Campagna, vice president Palermo, begins like this: “At least until April 28 Palermo will remain the“ red zone ”. A choice that we cannot understand since the city of Palermo remained in the Red zone despite having a ratio in the week of April 17 / April 23 of 217.74 new positives for every 100 thousand inhabitants. A ratio well below the 250 new positives per 100,000 inhabitants which force the alert to be raised, and which continues to decline (latest update 208.35) ”.

The wellness sector has always offered guarantees

The document continues by explaining how the structures of the wellness area have adapted all the precautions to deal with the emergency: “Of course, the hospital structures are still stressed on which the hospitalizations of patients from all over the province are burdened. The Wellness Area also in Palermo (Hairdressers, Barbers, Beauty Centers), in terms of protecting the health of its customers and employees, has offered all the necessary guarantees since the first phase of the Coronavirus emergency, adapting the structures and respecting even the most rigorous hygiene-sanitary rules and procedures provided for by the Safety Protocol. For these reasons, we are unable to understand the reasons that led the Authorities in charge to close our activities in the areas declared a red zone by disregarding the previous provisions ”.

Deep malaise not only in the category

“As the Confesercenti Palermo Wellness Area we do not intend to represent only the profound malaise of the categories we represent but of all those activities which, without having any responsibility for the spread of the virus, are condemned to remain closed. And this while in the city, without any control, the gatherings of people continue.
We highlighted our suffering by demonstrating in front of Palazzo d’Orleans on 12 April last. Unfortunately, our requests, made in a civil and responsible way, went unheeded ”.

And they warn

“But now we are at the limit, we can no longer understand the reasons for so much inattention.

Let us reopen before the economic drama leads to heavy social consequences.
Let us go back to work and we, as always, will do it in absolute safety.
Let us operate legally, do not force us to work, out of necessity, as squatters after we have always fought against any form of illegal activity.
Do not force us to acts of civil disobedience which, while not belonging to us, are dictated by the state of necessity that the category is experiencing.

Read our open letter as a desperate and responsible appeal ”.

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