Barachini in Messina, interviewed by the youth of Sicily and Calabria, inaugurates GDS Academy: ask questions, be protagonists.

Artificial intelligence will be part of our future and will likely improve many processes. There is a focus on developing a safe mechanism for creativity and information, ensuring human control and responsibility so that it cannot replace the work of people. This was stated by Alberto Barachini, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with responsibility for Information and Publishing, at the opening event of the GDS Academy in Messina. The event focused on the theme of “Quality Information, between New Media and Artificial Intelligence.” The president and editorial director of Ses, Lino Morgante, emphasized the importance of quality information and technological innovation, while also highlighting the need for legislative parity in the information industry. The event featured discussion with students from Sicilian and Calabrian schools and the University of Messina on the implications of artificial intelligence and the importance of maintaining human creativity and individual intellectual development in the face of easy access to information. The representative also addressed the importance of student representation in institutional debates and the upcoming legislative reforms in the publishing industry. Additionally, the event focused on the importance of students participating in democratic processes, and the recent simplifications and reforms introduced for educational institutions receiving government reimbursements for newspaper subscriptions. The event was attended by various authorities, signaling broad institutional support for educational initiatives on quality information and artificial intelligence.

Barachini a Messina intervistato dai giovani di Sicilia e Calabria inaugura la GDS Academy: fate domande, siate protagonisti

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