Bankruptcy, entrepreneur brothers released in Palermo

The house arrest of the two brothers Vincenzo and Liborio Abbate, Palermo entrepreneurs in the cleaning sector, arrested on January 29 and accused of fraudulent bankruptcy, failure to pay VAT and fraudulent evasion of tax payments were lifted. This was decided by the review court. Vincenzo Abbate, 49, defended by lawyers Roberto Mangano, Antonio Atria and Cettina Coppola and his brother Liborio, 53, defended by lawyer Marco Giunta, had been arrested by the financial police during the “Clean Up” operation. The Fiamme Gialle had also seized assets and money for 650 thousand euros, the entire share capital and corporate assets of 3 companies for over 1 million and 700 thousand euros. Even if not affected by the precautionary measure of January 29, the investigations also involved the mother of the entrepreneurs, MC 77, who was formally, since 2016, at the head of the company which then went bankrupt.

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