Bank robbery in Giardini Naxos: A 100,000 euro heist.

Four bandits robbed the Unicredit agency in Giardini Naxos: three of them broke into the bank while an accomplice remained outside as a lookout. According to initial estimates by the carabinieri investigating the case, the amount stolen is approximately 100,000 euros. “Three criminals entered, forcibly opening a closed door, and demanded the banknotes found in the ATM system from the employees,” explained Massimo Pellegrino, provincial coordinator of the Italian Autonomous Federation of Bankers. Thankfully, nothing happened to the two employees present in the branch. Unfortunately, these criminal acts have been increasing lately, leaving us concerned for the future. As a result, we have already requested the reinstatement of security services as a deterrent from the management of the credit institution in question.”

Rapina in banca a Giardini Naxos, colpo da 100 mila euro

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