Band of thieves “visit” a country house: they take away agricultural tools

Editorial team 06 September 2021 08:03

They force a window, sneak into the country house and undisturbed they manage to “work”, setting themselves, in fact, in search of anything of value or of a certain importance they could take away. It happened in via Mazzini, in the slightly more peripheral area where the country residence of a sixty-two-year-old from Agrigento stands. In the end, the gang of thieves – it is not excluded, however, that even a single criminal could go into action – only grabbed the agricultural tools. Because only that of “interesting” and of a certain value was inside the residence which, this year, remained uninhabited even in the summer. The thieves took away brushcutters and various agricultural tools. The owner made the discovery when he went to the house in via Mazzini: the sixty-two-year-old from Agrigento who really couldn’t believe his eyes. The man could not help but go to the Complaints office of the Agrigento Police Headquarters (he is at the “Anghelone” barracks in via Mazzini and report – formalizing a complaint against unknown persons – what had happened to him. naturally, they immediately started the investigations which, in the very first instance, consisted of an inspection in the country house in via Mazzini. The investigations are underway, but they do not promise to be at all simple. Apparently, in fact, the thief or the thieves would not have left behind any traces or useful clues to be able to proceed with the identification.

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