Banco Alimentare verifies 50 Euro grocery payment by the poor

The association “Le ali della libertà” in Tommaso Natale, Sicily, has been criticized for allegedly charging a mandatory 50 euro fee to 200 people in exchange for food aid, without issuing any receipts. The association is accused of requesting this contribution from the poor to cover its operating expenses. This has sparked outrage and calls for the association to be held accountable. In response, the president of the local administration has proposed finding an alternative solution to ensure that families in need continue to receive food aid. This controversy has shed light on the struggles of those relying on food aid, with beneficiaries expressing hope for essential items such as olive oil and cheese in their food packages. The situation has raised concerns about the transparency and integrity of organizations providing support to those in need.

La spesa pagata 50 euro dai poveri, il Banco Alimentare verifica il numero dei registrati nelle liste dell’associazione di Tommaso Natale

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