Bagheria, three years without Giusy "My sister swallowed up in nothing"

BAGHERIA – (PALERMO) – “Everything is silent. We do not yet know what happened to my sister, if someone has harmed her and we live in total isolation from the authorities, given that until now nothing has been communicated to us about the investigation ". The exasperation is tangible in the words of Salvo Ventimiglia, Giusy's brother, who disappeared from Bagheria on November 13th three years ago.

"An anniversary of pain – says the man – full of questions, doubts, tears. A sample of DNA was taken from my father five months ago, but we don't even know why. We were told that it is the "praxis", but our anxiety increases, we have a broken heart ". Giusy Ventimiglia, who turned 38 on October 31st, the day of …

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