Bagheria mobilizes urgent response following collapse in Aspra

An urgent procedure will be activated for the first security interventions of a residential building in the Villaggio dei pescatori di Aspra, in the municipality of Bagheria, where a portion of a floor collapsed. This decision was made during an urgent meeting convened by the regional councillor for Infrastructure, Mobility and Transport, Alessandro Aricò. The meeting was attended by Palermo Prefecture, the provincial Fire Brigade Command, Palermo Civil Engineering, the Autonomous Institute for Popular Housing of Palermo, and the municipality of Bagheria. A joint inspection between Civil Engineering and the Autonomous Institute for Popular Housing will be carried out in the coming days. Further evaluations will be made based on the results of the technical surveys. Aricò thanked all the institutions involved for their sensitivity in preventing further risks and stated that he will continue to monitor the situation and take any necessary additional measures.

Bagheria, procedura di somma urgenza per i primi interventi dopo il crollo ad Aspra

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