Bagheria, elementary school teacher killed by her 17-year-old daughter

First he said that his mother would have committed suicide, by ingesting psychotropic drugs, after yet another violent quarrel with her; he even claimed that the woman would have tried to strangle her, then taking her life overwhelmed by her guilt. But after the first summary inspection of the body by the coroner and faced with the evidence of the facts, she collapsed: “It’s true, I killed her …”.

A “truth” made even more terrible by the age of the protagonist of this tragic family drama. In fact, she would have been the 17-year-old daughter who killed her 55-year-old mother, Teresa Spanò, an elementary school teacher, found dead in her home in Bagheria. The minor is in custody for voluntary homicide. The provision was issued by the prosecutor for minors of Palermo, Claudia Caramanna, at the end of a long and dramatic interrogation at the end of which the girl confessed to the crime. According to what emerged from the investigations, conducted by the mobile team of Palermo, for some time between mother and daughter, who lived together without other presences in the family, there were constant quarrels. The umpteenth quarrel broke out at three last night; in fact, New Year’s Day would have triggered new discussions, rekindling old and never dormant altercations. It was the seventeen-year-old, this morning around 8, who sounded the alarm by calling 112.

“Come, I killed my mother.” Then, in front of the 118 doctors and the police, he attempted to provide a new version of the facts: “She was the one who committed suicide with those pills after trying to strangle me”. Indeed, some antidepressant drugs were found on the bedside table in the bedroom. But the investigators of the mobile team, who immediately went to the scene, understood that something in the girl’s story was not right. Starting with the marks found on her mother’s neck, which seemed to overturn, like a sort of mirror game, her daughter’s reconstruction of the facts.

The victim taught in an elementary school in Casteldaccia, in via Einaudi, where she was well known and appreciated by pupils and colleagues who now say they are incredulous about what happened. A crime that took place within a family context considered “normal”, despite the repeated quarrels between mother and daughter. Until the evening of January 1st, when yet another clash would lead to a horrible crime.

The investigators, also in consideration of the girl’s age, avoided providing details about the family and the methods of the murder, limiting themselves to confirming that, according to the first investigative hypothesis, the victim would have been strangled. It will now be the autopsy to ascertain the causes of her death, also clarifying whether the woman was killed by her daughter after possibly ingesting psychotropic drugs. In the meantime, the 17-year-old was accompanied to a juvenile institution in Caltanissetta.

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