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Bagheria, Bagheria, beneficiaries of citizenship income will clean green areas and schools

Editorial team 08 October 2021 09:55

Share In Bagheria whoever collects the citizenship income will be involved in the area, for the care of the green and public buildings including schools. They will be engaged in the so-called PUC (Projects useful to the community). Three projects are underway: “Bagheria City of Villas”, “I take care of the common goods” and “Bagheria city of solidarity”. The expenses for training, insurance and medical examinations are financed by the Pon Inclusione ESF 2014-2020 Notice 1/2019 PAIS project SIC 45. “Finally we start with the projects of collective utility – says the councilor for social and health policies, Emanuele Tornatore – we are happy because in this first moment more than 100 people will be committed to rendering a service to the city in the sectors concerning the villas, the greenery and gardens, public buildings including schools and the area of ​​solidarity “.