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Badminton, the Silver Feathers fly to the Milan playoffs: salvation for the City of Palermo

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The Silver Feathers fly to the playoffs in Milan, the City of Palermo reaches safety.
With the conclusion of the last concentration in Sardinia, the semifinals of the scudetto play-offs have been defined which will see Asd Piume d’Argento BC challenge the RA System BC Milan and the SSV Bozen face the MaraBadminton.

Asd Città di Palermo BC was saved, while SC Meran and Decathlon Cairoli Junior BC Milan were relegated to Serie B.
The Piume d’Argento defeated in the first match by MaraBadminton were victorious 4-1 with both Boccardo Novi and SC Meran, closing the championship in 4 * place.
The city of Palermo, on the other hand, was defeated 3-2 by Bocardo Novi, by SC Meran and ASV Malles, closing the championship with 15 points.

The appointment is now set at the PalaBadminton in Milan for the Scudetto playoffs on 14 and 15 May.
“We are satisfied with the results that our two teams have achieved by reaching the goals we have set for ourselves”, declared Paolo Caracausi and Laura Romeo, respectively president of the Asd Piume d’Argento Badminton and president of the Asd Città di Palermo.

Serie A standings

RA System BC Milan 41
SSV Bozen 41
MaraBadminton 40
Silver Feathers 36
ASV Mals 30
Farco Chiari 28
Boccardo Novi 21
City of Palermo 15
SC Meran 11
Decathlon Cairoli Junior BCM 7