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Bad weather, landslides and landslides on the provincial roads and the damage caused by the tornado in Canicattì: a very difficult situation

Provincial roads on their knees, between landslides and landslides. And very heavy damage to Canicattì where the inspections continued this morning to check the damage caused by the water bomb and those due to the passage of the tornado in the Ponte Fazio district.

Traffic on the provincial roads remains difficult On the provincial road 19-BS an Biagio Platani-Alessandria della Rocca , there are “mountains” of debris that have invaded the roadway. On the other hand, a mudslide affected a section of the SP n. 42 Menfi – Partanna. Also in this case the means of the Libero consortium had to intervene to restore the transit. The local police of Menfi – at 11 am – communicated that the road was closed. It is no better on provincial roads 31 Cattolica Eraclea-Cianciana and 32 Ribera-Cianciana : in this case, in addition to the roadmen, workers and vehicles from the company intervened which manages the routine maintenance to clear some sections completely invaded by mud and water and allow the alternating one-way transit of vehicles. Bad weather, a new “wound” opens up in the historic center: a house collapsed, no injuries The appeal from the former regional province “The road infrastructure sector – write from the former Province – continues to monitor the situation with the utmost attention and invites citizens to move on the provincial road network only in case of absolute necessity in consideration of the orange weather alert expected throughout the day of today. In fact, it is not possible to fully restore normal traffic and safety conditions as long as the rains continue. In addition, the owners of the land adjacent to the provincial roads and former consortiums (so-called “frontists”) are being warned and, if necessary, the sanctions envisaged for violations of the highway code are being notified. Many works carried out by these owners are in fact abusive or in any case not compliant with the provisions of the law and systematically create damage to roadways due to the enormous amount of mud and debris coming from the land and carried by the rains on the roadways “. “The situation remains difficult – said the extraordinary commissioner of the Libero Consorzio, Vincenzo Raffo – but thanks to the work of the road infrastructure sector we hope to limit as much as possible the inconvenience for citizens who, for work or for necessity, have to travel the roads of our competence every day. “. He is counting the damages in Canicattì While the inspections are still in progress and the mayor of Canicattì, Vincenzo Corbo, and the head of the municipal civil protection, Salvatore Bertolino, try to quantify the extent of the critical issues, the Municipality continues to receive – from school managers – reports for infiltration of water in the various institutions. The heavy and persistent rain also caused damage to the sewer pipes and to the road surface of numerous city and suburban arteries. The traffic police are placing signs to draw attention to the damaged and reported sites. (Updated at 12.30)