Bad weather in Catania: heavy rain and wind, set up a reception center for the homeless

The bad weather that is raging throughout Italy is now concentrated in the South and especially in Sicily. Cyclone Nikola, with freezing cold, also arrived on the island and all procedures have been put in place to deal with the emergency. Yesterday the red alert was issued in eastern Sicily and the Special Commissioner of Catania, Piero Mattei, has ordered, for today, the closure of school buildings of all levels, universities and the interdiction of public areas potentially in danger such as parks and public gardens and cemeteries. In the province of Etna, there are already heavy rains and gusts of wind, with snow even at low altitudes. The situation is constantly monitored by the civil protection. The municipal administration then recommended citizens to limit travel from home only in strictly necessary cases, to keep the maximum caution when driving vehicles and to stay away from waterways.