Bad weather, behavioral self-protection rules. From Inserra to Falsomiele, the areas most at risk in the city


The Civil Protection Service of the Municipality of Palermo has issued a notice with the behavioral rules of "self protection" to which, in particular, citizens residing in areas at risk R4 must adhere: Inserra (Cervello Hospital side) – Falsomiele (Baglio Meli) – Falsomiele (Casuzze).

1) Do not use the rooms shown on the side as bedrooms mountain slope.
2) In case of violent noise coming from upstream you usually have several useful seconds to take shelter; therefore: a) if you are outdoors, keep yourself safe behind walls that can protect you from splinters caused by the impact of the element being collapsed; b) if you are at home move away from the rooms upstream for take refuge in the valley side rooms more protected.
3) In presence of …

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