“Bad approach but good reaction”

In the post-match press conference, Palermo coach Giacomo Filippi analyzed the team’s performance at the end of the 1-1 draw against Messina, drawing an ambivalent balance sheet.

The coach from Partinico criticized the attitude he had in the first half in which the team appeared to suffer greatly by going under in the score, but praising his boys for the change of register in the second half: “The thing I didn’t like is the ‘approach – said the coach – which is not good. The approach was not adequate: the situation in the second half changed radically but in this category we cannot think of giving anything to anyone because we have strong and organized teams in front of us. . Excellent reaction in the second half, I liked the desire to win even with the risk of losing. I didn’t like the arm of the first half “. Filippi identified in the wrong time of pressing the main problem of Palermo’s first half: “It doesn’t seem to me that Messina – said the coach – pressed hard: on the contrary they were waiting for us. The problem was our pressing, we are never remained with the right distances. Messina never pressed high by choice and did well. We got up out of time and left too much space. ” Due to Marconi Filippi’s injury he immediately launched into the fray Marco Perrotta, for whom he spent words of praise: “I had no doubt that he could get into the game well, he’s an expert player”. Soleri: ” Happy for the goal, sorry for the result ” At the end of the match Edoardo Soleri also intervened, author of the equalizer (the second in two league games) after taking over from Floriano. The Roman striker expressed satisfaction for his goal mitigated by the lack of victory: “For an attacker – he explained – it is important to score, enter and be ready. Every time you enter you have to seize the opportunity because it is a strong team and it’s not easy to start from the beginning. The derby is always a special match. I’m happy for the goal but the draw leaves a bad taste in our mouth because we wanted to win. Now let’s think about the next “. Soleri spoke of the match stating that the conditions of the pitch were an important factor in determining the lack of success: “It was – he said – a balanced match. We had opportunities to try to win it. The field in these conditions. it penalized us because we are a more technical team while they put it more on the battle. In the second half we managed to take measures: it’s a pity, we had opportunities. Now let’s take this point and recharge ourselves in view of Taranto “. The number 27 rosanero finally spoke about the relationship with the other striker Brunori, underlining that the technical dualism between them is a stimulus: “I have an excellent relationship with Matteo. The competition can only help because we are a team of 22 starting players. We can play. everyone and whoever enters always tries to be ready. This leads us to improve because it pushes us to the maximum. It is healthy competition that can only help us improve “.

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