Awards: to Taviani and storytellers Balsamo il "Venetian pine"

The ‘Pino Veneziano’ Award this year was awarded to the director Giovanna Taviani and to the actor-cuntist Gaspare Balsamo. The handover ceremony took place last night at the Selinunte Archaeological Park. Taviani, daughter of director Vittorio, made the film “Cuntami”, shot in full lockdown in various locations in Sicily, and tells the stories of the last Sicilian cuntists. From Mimmo Cuticchio to the youngest Gaspare Balsamo, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Mario Incudine, “those of my generation”, says Taviani. “The strength of the story I found only here in Sicily”, said Giovanna Taviani who to shoot the film she went to visit the storytellers in their countries of origin. “If you know how to tell a story, you know how to give meaning to your life, you know how to organize your future and your present: language is fundamental, as is memory”, reiterated the director. “This film helped me in the process of mourning for the death of my parents – he said – and the final scene (the puppets that end up in the water) was shot at the Pollara di Salina, right where I scattered the ashes. of my father and my mother “. The Prize, now in its 18th edition, is dedicated to Veneziano, a waiter and storyteller in Selinunte, who died in 1994 and is promoted by the ‘Selinunte, cunta e canta’ association, chaired by Umberto Leone. .

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