“Awards and cotillion to the best bureaucracy in the world, thanks Councilor Zambuto”

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Finally a councilor who recognizes due merit to the very high professionalism of the Sicilian Region, committed at any time of day or night, and willing to make inhuman sacrifices for the good of the community. To get the position they won prohibitive, terribly selective competitions, they had to pass very difficult tests, after months and months of exhausting study, for every single test! The employees of the region are excellent, always loyal to duty and firm in treating everyone equally, never giving priority to friends and friends of friends. Thanks to them, citizens immediately find the points of reference to solve any problem and speed up bureaucratic procedures. How are we going to do in Sicily without this region that gives benefits and high administration? In the midst of the pandemic, regional employees only asked 10 euros per file, in addition to their salaries. Not 30, 50, 100 euros, but only 10 euros. But where do you find more honest and more helpful workers? And now let’s get them a nice contract to raise their wages, the lowest in the entire national public administration. But this will not be enough to continue to give prestige to this land, there is a need for other excellences like these, we ask the commissioner Zambuto to announce new competitions, because the amount of work that the employees have undertaken is so great. We need to increase the places, people will be happy, everyone has the right to have at least one child in the Region!

Executives are too few, even those are increased, and the deputy management is also established, so we can allow many other excellences to emerge and have more important roles and greater gratifications, we pray Councilor Zambuto, hurry up, be quick! The computerization of the offices has further overloaded the regional offices, but they have proved to be champions in that too, managing to speed up the administrative machine. Have you ever seen an office more efficient than civil engineering? Or an office more de-bureaucratized than that of the superintendency, which has made the artistic heritage of this land the most cared for in the world? Have you ever found deficiencies in health facilities and ASPs? And how would we do without the forestry corps that made Sicily a green oasis? Good commissioner Zambuto, Sicily is being reborn, people are working, equality is restored and privileges abolished. We were right to ask for an Agrigento councilor. Long live the Sicilian Region, Long live transparency, Long live the meritocracy, Long live the public competitions and Long live the commissioner Zambuto!

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