Autumn arrives in Sicily: yellow alert in Palermo and Messina, expect rain and dropping temperatures over the weekend.

Autumn is finally arriving in Sicily, with a significant drop in temperatures compared to the scorching heat of the previous week. Rain and thunderstorms are expected, especially in Palermo and Messina, but there will also be precipitation in Catania, Agrigento, and Trapani. Overall, the weather will be stable and sunny due to high pressure systems, with some cloudiness in the afternoon. The rest of Italy will experience isolated showers and varying amounts of cloudiness, while the northern regions face the risk of strong storms. The instability in Sicily will continue on Sunday, with a mix of sun and clouds, increasing cloud coverage on the Tyrrhenian coast in the afternoon. The temperatures will continue to decrease, and rainfall is expected throughout Sicily and most of next week will remain unstable.

Nel week end in Sicilia arriva l’autunno: allerta gialla a Palermo e Messina, attese piogge e temperature in discesa

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