Autovelox in Carini: 22 fines issued in two days

During two days of controls using the “Autosc@n Speed” electronic measuring system, the municipality of Carini in Palermo issued 22 speeding fines, totaling 4,715 euros. The checks took place on via Don Luigi Sturzo in the Industrial Zone, where municipal police officers returned the next morning as well. Motorists exceeding the 50 kilometers per hour limit were fined, with two individuals receiving additional penalties for exceeding the maximum limit by more than 40 kilometers per hour. Alongside an administrative fine of 543 euros, their driver’s licenses were suspended for one to three months. The municipal police will continue monitoring other high-risk roads in the coming days, particularly those where severe accidents have occurred. The goal, according to Mayor Giovì Monteleone, is to make the streets safer and protect pedestrians.

Autovelox a Carini, 22 multe in due giorni

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