Autopsy conducted on deceased child in Petralia Soprana, funeral arrangements underway

In the forensic medicine department of the Policlinico hospital in Palermo, an autopsy was performed on the child who died in Petralia Soprana for causes still under investigation. The body has been returned to the family, and this afternoon at 3:30 PM, the funeral of little Leonida Francesco Gullo, who was 3 years old, will take place in the main church of Gangi. The mayor of Gangi, Giuseppe Ferrarello, has declared a city-wide mourning. Flags will be flown at half-mast all day, all public events have been suspended, and businesses will remain closed and lower their shutters during the funeral ceremony, which will be held in the main church.

Il bimbo morto a Petralia Soprana: eseguita l’autopsia, ora i funerali

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