Auto of a night watch on the traffic island: 2 accidents in one hour in Caltanissetta

Two accidents in a few hours in Caltanissetta. Shortly after 10.30 pm two vehicles collided in viale della Regione, a BMW and the Panda of a night watch which then ended up on the traffic island.

In the impact only a lightly injured who was transported from 118 to the emergency room of the Sant’Elia hospital. The carabinieri of the radio-mobile nucleus intervened on the spot to try to reconstruct the dynamics of the clash.

Another incident, about an hour earlier, in via Xiboli. A young man, for reasons yet to be ascertained, lost control of his car crashing into parked cars. A police car intervened for the findings. The position of the driver of the car for which penalties could be triggered are examined.

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