"Authority omissive behavior": here are the details of the latest investigation on the Open Arms


It's not over. Indeed, perhaps, for the Procura of Agrigento, it has just begun. The investigation for refusal and omission of official documents is still against unknown persons and it is possible that, in the next few hours, someone will enter the register of suspects. But then there is the file for kidnapping and the "classic" one for aiding illegal immigration. And there is even a complaint against the prefect of Agrigento, Dario Caputo, as well as a complaint, made by Legambiente Sicily, against Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. A work to do, therefore, only for the Open Arms case, for magistrates working on the fifth floor of the court. And one of the first steps that will probably be taken will be – once it has reached the port empedoclino – of the checks on the ship flying the Spanish flag.

“It is necessary to verify if the emergency situation emerged in the last days following the stay for several days of the Open Arms ship off the national waters, and confirmed by the doctors during the inspection, is the result of the refusal put in place by the competent authorities to issue the necessary measures for reasons of hygiene and health ”. He writes – explaining the reasons for the dossier for refusal and omission of official documents, which is still against unknown persons, – the chief prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio.

"The active conduct consists in the undue rejection by the public official or public service representative of an act, which cannot be deferred and is due, motivated by reasons, among others, of hygiene and health – explains, in the preventive seizure order, the leader of the Pm of Agrigento -. The will of the public official or public service officer not wanting to perform the due act must be expressed – argues Patronaggio -, but the manifestation can also take place through a merely implicit behavior ".

Patronaggio also highlighted "the failure to assign a safe port to the Open Arms vessel, by the Italian authorities, also following the provision of the TAR of Lazio which authorized the entry of the vessel into territorial waters".

A situation that has determined the exasperation of migrants on board "culminated – underlines the prosecutor Patronaggio – with the attempt of numerous migrants to throw themselves into the sea to reach the coasts of Lampedusa, even at the cost of endangering their own safety and that of the "operators.

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