Auteri’s arrest in Palermo: known as “Vassoio”, he was considered “reliable” by informants.

The boss Giuseppe Auteri (in the photo), arrested today in Palermo by the Carabinieri, had been wanted since September 2021. Just a few days ago, on February 22, 24 convictions were handed down in the trial resulting from the “Vento” blitz, shortly after the murder at Zisa of another mafia boss, Giuseppe Incontrera. The position of the fugitive boss, also involved in the investigation, had been separated. Giuseppe Auteri, known as “Vassoio”, is said to be the leader of the Porta Nuova district. Informants describe him as one of the most reliable members of the clan “because he has already spent many years in prison.” Auteri has indeed received final convictions for both mafia and aggravated extortion. An ambitious man, very close to boss Tommaso Lo Presti “the long one”. Just after Lo Presti’s release from prison, he would have taken on a leadership role in the Porta Nuova district, the most important in the capital.

L’arresto di Auteri a Palermo: conosciuto con l’appellativo di Vassoio, per i pentiti era «affidabile»

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