Augusta, no one responsible for the military’s death after the vaccine

Stefano Paternò, the 43-year-old chosen head of the Augusta Navy who died on 8 March last year in his home in Misterbianco, in the Catania area, twelve hours after the first Astrazeneca vaccine and two weeks infected by Covid, but asymptomatic, died of an “irreversible consecutive stop of vital functions” according to the consultants installed by the Syracuse prosecutor “a respiratory distress syndrome (Ards) which resulted in tissue damage, especially alveolar, which gave no escape”. Paternò’s death would have occurred due to an “exaggerated immune response” that added the vaccine to the effects of Covid.
The Arezzo prosecutor therefore asked for the investigation to be closed, but the investigating judge will not be called to give an answer, since the defense board, appointed by the widow, Caterina Arena, and composed of the Catania lawyers Dario Seminara, Lisa Gagliano and Attilio Indelicato, agreed not to file opposition. The decision follows the content of the same filing request “which does not affect, if the conditions are met, the configurability of a civil liability, due to the ascertained etiological correlation between the administration of the Astrazenica vaccine and death”.

Since the death of Paternò would have occurred due to an “exaggerated immune response” that added the vaccine to the effects of Covid, the Syracuse prosecutor excluded any criminal responsibility against the CEO of Astrazeneca Lorenzo Wittum, after having filed the position of three other people initially investigated: the ship captain Angelo Toscano for having taken care of the anamnesis of Paternò, the lieutenant nurse Franco Di Mare and the 118 doctor Salvatore Campagna, who ascertained the death of the soldier in his home. There are no subjective faults, but Astrazeneca will answer for the material damage, since strict liability is not foreseen in our legal system, by virtue of which the pharmaceutical company should have indicated in the warnings any harmful effects in subjects already infected, nevertheless’ it cannot be affirmed the Prosecutor writes “that the Paternò would have died even if he had not been vaccinated, since the Ards developed after the vaccine”.
The lawyer Seminara recalls that in the aftermath of his death, “the suspicion of a possible contamination of the Abv2856 lot was really real. A policeman from Catania, Davide Villa, had just died because of the same vaccine, and Astrazeneca therefore ended up in everyone’s sights ». The Arezzo prosecutor discovered on that occasion that the control and release of the vaccine on the market were in the sole management of the Dutch Rivm and removed from any Italian authority. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of Utrecht was in charge of ascertaining the conformity of the batch to the others and the result excluded any criticality. To comfort the Dutch society was added the result of the report entrusted not only to the Rivm, but also to four Italian specialists in haemostasis and thrombosis, Aifa and the Higher Institute of Health. Rejecting the reasons of the biased expert, based on a causal link between vaccine and death, the prosecutor finally conformed to the address taken in the Rizzuto case but left open the disturbing question about the “more or less theoretical risk in subjects subjected to vaccination “, prefiguring a scenario in which” only science will be able to answer this question, moreover in the context of a pandemic framework that is still evolving and with the framework of anticovid vaccinations still in the experimental phase “.

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