August brawl in Panarea: four young individuals identified, charges filed.

Four young individuals have been identified and reported to the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto prosecutor’s office in Panarea following a brawl in mid-August near the San Pietro port nightlife area. The individuals, aged between 18 and 25, are believed to be responsible for the altercation that occurred outside a local establishment. Carabinieri carried out an investigation, utilizing surveillance footage, to determine their identities. It was determined that the altercation escalated from a trivial argument, resulting in the individuals physically assaulting each other and causing one of them to sustain minor injuries. The four individuals have been reported to the prosecutor’s office and the proposal for the imposition of the urban ban (Daspo) has been made, which would prevent them from frequenting crowded urban areas and nightlife spots.

La rissa di agosto a Panarea, individuati quattro giovani: scattano le denunce

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