AUDIO – Messina – Cartour DELTA: 5 positive seamen. 42 crew members blocked on board at the Nuremberg pier

April 6, 2021

Five positive seafarers found on board the ship Cartour “Delta”. The outcome of the swabs was ascertained yesterday following a feverish state of one of the forty-five seafarers board the Caronte & Tourist ship moored at pier Nuremberg in Messina.

From the swabs made in five were immediately placed in solitary confinement: 3 at theOpus Residential in via Palermo in Messina, and two at their home. The other 42 seafarers underwent the rapid swab at the point of the Asp della Rada San Francesco. I 42 they went voluntarily accompanied, 4 at a time, with the personal car of the commander of the “Delta”.

Seafarers based on early feedback with rapid swabs they were negative but the molecular ones were also carried out the results of which will be known no earlier than three days from today. Meanwhile, the 42 remain isolated on board.

Yesterday the “Delta” suspended boarding operations and many passengers with cars and vehicles in tow had to give up starting with the Cartour ship. The crew is on board for the three-month period provided for by the company’s rules e before suspending the boarding operations to leave again for her destination she had arrived in Messina with other passengers disembarked regularly.

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