AUA Group of the former Agrigento Province: over 170 measures in 2019


The activity of Group 3 of the Environment Sector of the Free Consortium of Agrigento has been further enhanced, which defines the Single Environmental Authorization provisions.

In fact, the AUA Group menu has been updated on the institutional home page with the insertion of regulatory references, forms and contacts of the staff assigned to the group that issues A.U.A. This is an activity carried out pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 59 of 3 March 2013 for the simplification of administrative requirements in environmental matters, and which in 2019 led to the adoption of 174 administrative measures for companies that requested it, a further increase compared to 2018.

The AUA, whose competence is attributed by the same Presidential Decree 59/2013 to the Free Consortia (ex Provinces) simplifies the process for the issue of seven authorizations for small and medium-sized enterprises and owners of plants not subject to the Integrated Authorization regulation Environmental (AIA), which at an earlier stage had to be requested separately. The AUAs have been issued to companies in various production sectors (processing of agricultural, dairy and fish products, oil mills and oil mills, wine factories, crushing of aggregates, tourist structures and hotels, various craft activities, fuel depots, and others), and have the purpose of ascertaining the regularity of the plants that have filed for the fundamental title for starting production activities. The measures concerned all the qualifications identified by Presidential Decree 59/2013 (Art.3, paragraph 1), in particular the authorization for discharges, the use of vegetation waters of the mills and wastewater coming from zootechnical companies for irrigation uses , the authorization for atmospheric emissions, the use of sludge deriving from the purification processes in agriculture and the communications regarding waste. A rearrangement was also given to the internal organization of Group 3, strengthened to enhance the internal professional figures in order to support coordination between the subjects competent in the environmental field (Regional Department of Territory and Environment, ARPA, UTA Agrigento, Police Commands Municipalities) and the One-Stop Shops for the Production Activities of the Municipalities for the release of the final provision.

Recall that the A.U.A. it has a duration of 15 years, and the relative request must be submitted electronically to the Free Municipal Consortium of Agrigento through the Single Desk for Productive Activities of the Municipalities in which the company that applied for the issue of the title insists or will insist or the qualifications referred to in Presidential Decree 59/2013.

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