Attempted theft of a motorcycle parked at the Port of Catania: stopped

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 11:15

The “Air and Maritime” border police office in Catania, which has long been involved in the prevention and repression of crimes committed in the port and airport area, has intensified the control services of the territory. In the first days of August, during the night hours, a man had taken possession of a motor vehicle, regularly parked inside the port of Catania, with the use of a van on which the motor vehicle was loaded and hidden. Despite the operational difficulties attributable to the structural characteristics of the Port, the policemen were able to reconstruct the dynamics of the theft and went back to the van in which the motorcycle object of the theft had been placed and to the perpetrator of the crime. The man, in his defense, provided a version on events not supported by any element. Therefore, the attempt to evade police investigations is useless.

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