“Attempted theft in a construction site on the Palermo-Agrigento”, two arrested after a chase

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Two men were arrested for trying to steal at a construction site on the Palermo-Agrigento highway.
The Carabinieri of the Misilmeri Company blocked the two, a forty-one and a twenty-eight year old, residing in Bagheria, on charges of attempted aggravated theft and receiving stolen goods.

They would have been surprised while they were tinkering with a pincer on a vehicle parked inside a road construction site at km 236.
At the sight of the military, the two tried to escape but were stopped after a short chase.
In their car, the carabinieri found burglary tools, a plastic jerrycan containing diesel residues, a sink, cutlery, pans, basins, umbrellas and a bathroom cabinet with mirror.
What was found was partly recognized as theft proceeds and returned to the legitimate owners.

The two Bagheresi, at the disposal of the judicial authority, were placed under house arrest until the next hearing before the investigating judge Termini Imerese, who validated the arrests.
Part of the stolen goods, with a total value of approximately 2,500 euros, was returned to the owners.
The rest of the goods were seized.

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