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The Messina Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the “competition season” at the Messina ATM, after the complaints presented by some excluded candidates and the company intervenes on the subject with a note signed by the president Pippo Campagna.
The ATM, as will be recalled, has launched an internal investigation and in this affair it feels an injured party.

“With regard to the article published on the competition for ATM SpA operating operators, the Company has already communicated for some time the launch of an internal investigation with the aim of identifying any irregularities in the applications presented and in the performance of the tests As previously ensured, if it emerges from the internal administrative investigation that the offices have made mistakes or that one of the candidates has made false or untrue statements, or produced equally false and mendacious documentation, all the consequent measures envisaged will be adopted.
From law.
It is still reiterated today that in this case ATM holds the status of an injured party on a par with candidates who may be affected by errors and / or false declarations.
It is further recalled that, with regard to the regularity of the tests, of the requisites provided for by the announcement, the Messina Labor Court rejected – even with an order to pay the appellant’s expenses in a case defined in two levels of judgment – all the appeals presented considering them unfounded on the merits “.

Concludes the note of the president Atm Pippo Campagna.

News from Sicily 2022-07-05 09:20:00

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