“At this distance the impact would be less”

The cyclonic disturbance, “Medicane” which threatens to impact Sicily is currently off the south-eastern coast of the island. If it kept this distance from the island it could have less impact than what occurred in Scordia and Catania. This was announced by the regional Department of Civil Protection (DRPC), underlining that “however, the winds that could reach high speeds of up to 80-100 km / h and which could therefore cause damage to trees, verandas, canopies and advertising signs are worrying”. Drpc Sicily “recommends the population to use the utmost caution and to comply with the rules of conduct provided for in the event of heavy rain, thus avoiding travel both in order not to hinder rescue and above all to avoid putting their own safety at risk”.

An operational center for the coordination of all civil protection support functions has been set up in the regional headquarters of the Sicilian Civil Protection of San Giovanni La Punta, at the disposal of the general manager Salvo Cocina. Activation of the civil protection functions for the coordination of the forces of the system: coordination of volunteer teams, recognition and census of damage (entrusted to Palermo to Soris) and activation of intervention vehicles and special vehicles such as motorboats and other heavy vehicles for emergency rescue. In eastern Sicily 150 mayors have been prepared for the emergency and have set up the Municipal Operations Centers (Coc) to monitor the evolution of the disturbance and immediately identify the measures to be taken to mitigate the damage. In addition, five Aid Coordination Centers (CCS) are operational in each of the prefectures of Catania, Messina, Syracuse, Ragusa and Enna. The entire civil protection system, made up of firefighters, forestry corps, police forces, prefectures and hospital health systems, is pre-alerted and in contact with the Civil Protection Operations Room established in San Giovanni la Punta.

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