At the start of the second weekend of RestArt in Palermo, special opening of Palazzo Gangi

Everything is ready for the second weekend of RestArt, the festival that – until August 28 – will open some of the museums in Palermo from 7pm to midnight.

Among the special events of this weekend (9-10 July), the opening to the public of Palazzo Valguarnera Gangi (from 19 to 24 – piazza Croce dei Vespri, 6). This palace is one of the most representative of the late Baroque of Palermo. At Palazzo Abatellis instead five meetings with the protagonists of art, which will start on Saturday 10 at 21.

At Palazzo Butera evening meetings every Friday and Saturday in July, each of these will be dedicated to a specific theme.

At the Quattro Pizzi building, on the other hand, until 14 August, every Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11 pm, the exhibition dedicated to the world of navigation by the Florio can be visited.

From 19 to 24, however, it will be possible to visit the oratory of the Whites (piazzetta dei Bianchi) “The Statue of the King” created by Procopio Serpotta in 1727, now restored.

“Reluceo” instead is the title of the video installation that can be visited at the oratory of San Mercurio (courtyard San Giovanni degliEremiti, 2) every weekend in July and August from 7pm to midnight.

Today at 6 pm, the regional museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palermo (via dell’Incoronazione, 11) presents the personal “Death – Death” by the artist Reinhard Zich in the Coronation Chapel.

Friday and Saturday from 19 to 24, open

Church of Santa Caterina
Dome of Santa Caterina
Chapel of Raphael in the Spasm
Municipal archive
Abatellis Palace
Mirto Palace
Punic necropolis
Loggia of the Coronation
Branciforte Palace
Villa Zito

Massimo Theater
Oratory of the Whites
Chain Church
Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti
Oratory of San Lorenzo
Oratory of San Mercurio
Oratory of Santa Cita
Oratory of the Most Holy Rosary in San Domenico

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