at the Sereni Orizzonti protest comes back

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 18:46

The protest of the workers of Sereni Orizzonti, the Sicilian geriatric institute in via Messina Marine, returns. The FP CGIL Palermo has proclaimed a state of agitation. The union reports workloads that are considered excessive and announces that it has made the request for the cooling procedure. “The operators – denounces Michele Morelo, of the Fp Cgil Palermo, in a note sent to the prefect of Palermo and to the structure – are exhausted, due to the exhausting shifts due to the now endemic lack of personnel. Problem still without solution – continues the trade unionist – and repeatedly brought to the attention of the company, which continues to turn a deaf ear. We have only one social health worker per ward, made up of an average of 18 patients, and two nurses for five wards, with about 87 patients in total present in the structure. And this in both day and night shifts. A meeting was guaranteed after the summer holidays – adds Morelo – but we have not yet been called up. The promises made in front of the prefect have not been kept and the workers are tired “. In the structure, in three departments available to them out of the five existing, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and many other patients, bedridden, discharged from hospitals, for assisted recovery in the RSA. The FP CGIL also denounces that, in the last period, due to the decrease in hours of the kitchen staff, the administration of breakfast ends after 10 with too little distance from lunch time. “Many refuse to eat at midday because they have recently finished breakfast – declares Morello – It is the consequence of bad internal organization. After the resignation of the previous director of the structure, confusion reigns supreme, the shifts are entrusted to hiccups and at the last moment. The workers also denounce the fact that they are unable to supervise patients. In some cases, someone has managed to evade surveillance and leave the facility to go home “. The state of discomfort is general and concerns, as recorded by the FP CGIL, both the staff and the hospitalized. “A strike day, if the situation remains like this, will be inevitable – continues Michele Morello – The property must provide for a staff recruitment plan, which we have been calling for for some time. Operators must be able to go on vacation. And the coverage of the floors must be guaranteed: sometimes it happens that during the night there is only one operator per floor, for 18-19 patients, to assist with the therapies and to be taken during meals, and only two nurses for five floors. In this way, as we have been saying for some time, it is not possible – he concludes – to guarantee the standards of care required by a healthcare facility of this magnitude “.

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