“At the police station for a complaint, but a policeman attacks her and breaks her shoulder”: convicted

He allegedly violently assaulted a woman who had presented herself to the Zisa police station to make a complaint, causing her to fracture a shoulder. This is why today the gup Rosario Di Gioia sentenced the police inspector Tonino Prontera, of Apulian origins, to one and a half years (suspended sentence) with the abbreviated rite. The judge accepted the arguments of the deputy prosecutor Sergio Demontis and the substitute Chiara Capoluongo and also ordered that the victim, a forty-year-old, must be compensated in civil proceedings.

The story dates back to February 4, 2016 and was reported to the carabinieri on the following March 1. However, a few months later, the then deputy prosecutor Maria Teresa Maligno (now in the General Prosecutor’s Office) had asked for the file to be archived. The investigating judge Marco Gaeta, however, had accepted the opposition presented by the lawyers Mauro Torti and Corrado Nicolaci, who assist the victim. With further investigations, details emerged that had brought under investigation by Prontera and three other policemen from the police station in via Noce . The woman would be presented in the office to report the theft of her cell phone, but with brusque ways and several shoves, she would be invited to leave because “this is routine”, “come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow”. The forty-year-old would then ask one of the policemen: “If it had happened to a family member? Would you have helped him?” and this would have caused an uproar: the victim would have been yanked so violently that she would have fallen to the ground, fracturing her shoulder. Moreover, together with her mother who was with her, she had been denounced for outrage and resistance to a public official. Thanks to the videos taken in the police station and the hearing of several witnesses, the prosecution subsequently believed that they had acquired not only the evidence of the attack, but also that of Prontera’s responsibility. Furthermore, according to an initial reconstruction, his three colleagues falsified the service reports to cover up the accused. Among other things, the cops reportedly reported that the woman, while she waited to make the report, would start yelling and yelling at them (“M cops …” and “the police must not break my c … “), and he would also have reported” disconnected and senseless phrases “and that he would have (literally)” a very strong vinous or rather liqueur breath “. In short, according to them the woman would not have been lucid. Moreover. For Prontera it would have been she who attacked him, with the help of her mother, and he, to defend himself, would have pushed both of them out of the office. According to the version provided by the police, then, the woman would first go away and then return, claiming that she was attacked – and she would have had “the visible signs” – in Piazza Principe di Camporeale. She would be “in hysteria” and attacked the accused inspector, shouting: “Murderer! Murderer!”. She would have thrown herself on the ground and broke her shoulder outside the police station, that is, during the alleged attack in Piazza Principe di Camporeale. An attack that, according to the woman’s lawyers, would never have happened and would have been invented from scratch by the police to fight their backs. In the end, only Prontera ended up in court and the false hypotheses were not contested. Now the inspector – who chose the shortened rite – has been sentenced to one and a half years, with the suspension of the sentence.

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